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Recomandat serviciile lui Cristian, e promt / serios . O colaborare de viitor !

12:12 04/07/2023

Recomand, am lucrat și lucrez în continuare cu Cristian, dacă vrei un proiect bine pus la punct apelează la el cu încredere, Whitedragon îți mulțumește pentru serviciile oferite!!!

12:12 04/07/2023

100% Completed recommended guys he is very good.

12:12 04/07/2023

Is completed recommended guys he is very good ❤️

12:12 04/07/2023

Bun baiatul isi face treaba bine, servicii de calitate. 😁

12:11 04/07/2023

Salutare de curand mam mutat pe acceasta plaforma si vreau sa zic ca sunt foarte multumit in cea ce priveste servicele si sunt uimit ca schimbarile se fac instant pe aceasta plaforma va recomand cu caldura ! 👍 multumiri domnu-lui Cristian😉

12:10 04/07/2023

Thanks you so fast delivery and web 101% working ❤️

12:10 04/07/2023

The truth is that it is the most recommended at the moment, it gives you support as many times as you need as well as explains it to you if you have any questions or problems. It helped me a lot when I bought the website and the item shop. Recommended 100% You will not find anything better!

12:10 04/07/2023

Recomand face treaba foarte buna 😗

12:09 04/07/2023

Recomand cu încredere! Cele mai bune servicii iar Cristi un om cu un caracter de nota 10!

12:09 04/07/2023

I highly recommend, the cms and the itemshop are very clean, and he has good advice and good support 😉

12:09 04/07/2023

Good support if you have questions about his cms !

12:09 04/07/2023

Very helpful nice and has good products. I can only recommend. And wait for what he's working on now, it's worth it.

12:08 04/07/2023

Baiat bun cumpărați cu încredere 🤝🏽🥰

12:08 04/07/2023

Recomand cu Incredere , Meserias si baiat de nota 10 !

12:08 04/07/2023

Recomand !! E ce trebuie!!!

12:08 04/07/2023

E nr 1 baiatu’ , cel mai bun, și își dă interesu

Martin Sebastian
12:07 04/07/2023

Răspunde prompt și este deschis nevoilor proiectelor mele. E o plăcere să colaborez cu Cristi.

12:07 04/07/2023

Cel mai bomba! am luat si Homepage premium si Itemshop, sunt foarte multumit de ele, ce e premium, e premium, dai un ban dar stai in fata

12:07 04/07/2023

The best web dev i ever seen before, recommend 100% Worth buying and i'll keep buying stuff! ❤️

12:07 04/07/2023

One week ago I've bought patcher, it was fully working and he installed it for me too, today he implemented Chest view system for me and i have 0 problems in syserr. thank you! amazing guy and amazing work.

12:06 04/07/2023

Lucreaza si cand doarme:))

12:06 04/07/2023

Recomand! top si disponibil la orice ora cred:))

12:06 04/07/2023

Recomand,foarte prompt!

Dudu ;x
12:05 04/07/2023

Well I totally recommend it He is amazing and creative and can do exactly what you want It was a great service, thank you